“My 2015 Vision Board”

       A few years ago,  I came across Constance Arnold blog talk radio show discussing manifestation, the law of attraction, and vision boards. One of the male guests on the show said, “I created a vision board, and my main goal was to buy a home. Twelve months later, I was able to buy that home!” I busted out laughing like, “Yea right! if it were that easy, everyone would make a vision board and have everything they desire!” The show went on, profiling other people and their success stories from creating vision boards. The host of the show said, “Whatever you put on your vision board, it will manifest and become a reality!”  I’m like, “Is this a joke or something?” I believe in the law of attraction to a certain extent, but most of that stuff is heightened to make it sound like some magical powers or something. I actually called myself reading the “Worldwide Bestseller Book,” The Secret, and I couldn’t even get through the first chapter. It was just too superficial to me.

     One day, I was over a friend’s house, and she had her vision board posted on the wall.  I said, “I don’t fully understand these vision boards. Most people are just waiting for this miracle to happen, which may never happen.” She looked at me like, “How dare you question the law of attraction?” (LOL) “Your way of thinking can directly affect what the universe gives you. If you put positive mental energy into the universe, you’ll be the recipient of positive outcomes.”  I simply replied, “Oh ….Ok…….right.”

   Later at home, I decided to give this vision board thing a try, so I went to Michael’s and brought some craft paper, glue, stickers, and ribbons. I decided to create a vision book.

vision book

(My 2011 Vision Book)

I’m not going to lie, I was sucked into the superficial beliefs immediately after creating my vision book. I was checking it everyday, trying to gain that mental energy for a positive outcome.

A year had passed, and I noticed I only had a few dollars in my pocket. I’m like, “Hold up, where the hell is my manifestation!?! My money!?! Did I put the right amount down?” I looked in my vision book, and looked at my pockets. I had like five dollars in my pocket, but I put five thousand in my vision book. I went to my friend’s house upset. I was like, “I told you it didn’t work!” She said, “What didn’t work? “The vision board!” She said, “Sit down, take a breather, relax. Think about the events that happened in your life over the past year, and visualize the images on your vision board.” I closed my eyes, and numbers slowly appeared. It went from $100, to $200, then $700, $1300, $500, $1200, and another $1200. Over the past year, I have received over $5000 extra, but never realized it because it came in small amounts at a time.  Like most people, I sat around and waited for that big lump sum of money to appear in my lap; like a big jackpot. It’s crazy because your life could manifest in the sneakiest ways, and you won’t even realize it’s happening. Sometimes, other people have to help you realize it.

       As I look back between 2011 and now, I’ve achieved a lot of goals. Some haven’t been achieved, and I’m kind of happy about that. Not achieving some goals may actually be good. The outcome, while apparently negative, may be a blessing in disguise. I would be better off finding the silver lining, looking for lessons learned and realizing how apparent failures can be beneficial.

I’m a different person from 2011, and I guess the universe may have other plans for me. A few of my goals haven’t even reached the surface. And I also don’t know if there are other, greater plans behind the curtain.

One of the things that scare me the most, is not achieving some of my biggest goals. It requires a lot of money and time, and I’m getting impatient. I know I don’t have 100% control over everything, but I feel like I would be mentally destroyed if I don’t see it come to fruition. I have to believe that if I continue to turn my vision boards into action boards, things will manifest.

Dreaming. wishing, fantasizing, and waiting can be harmful at times.

Dream about it, envision how you will realistically do it or get it, and then get off your ass and make it happen. Vision without action is simply a dream.  

6 Things I’ve Seen in 2014:

  • Connections: I have connected with some amazing people this year. People who actually came into my world and took the time to understand me, which is opening the doors to great opportunities.
  • I have discovered dozens of alternative health solutions that has not only improved my life, but other people lives as well.
  • A Pure peace of mind! Sometimes, I feel like a yogi, a hermit, or monk sitting alone in a far off place. I have a sense of inner strength and power, and it feels so damn good!
  • More wisdom: More things have been revealed about myself, others, and life itself.
  • Courage: The end of this year (exactly 2 days ago), I had to stand up to both grandmothers. To show them that my presence in their lives is important, so don’t take me for granted. I told them to both swallow that pride because they need me just as much as I need them.
  • My writing has a profound impact on people. I’ve received numerous comments since I started writing again 3 years ago, but this one message really touched me, and showed me that writing is a powerful thing.

get-attachment (1)

Things I’d like to achieve in 2015:

  • Get my grandmother placed into an assisted living facility.
  • Build an official blog.
  • Distribute my articles and short stories to magazine and book publications nationally and internationally.
  • Focus on resistance training.
  • Purchase an Audi (Yes, an Audi lol)
  • Move into a Loft (Preferably York PA or DC)
  • Get some prototypes made for my clothing lines (at least)
  • Travel More. I was just looking at the world map and in my mind I was like, “Damn, It’s time to explore the world! I’m in this skid mark of a city.” lol
  • Start at least one my non-profits. One will promote healthy eating for urban communities, and the other will teach financial management and business development to young children.

(My Overall Vision Board….2015 and Beyond)


Check out this funny video of this guy talking about “The Secret”


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