“Jesus Didn’t Work At Walmart!”

jesus walmart

Growing up in Baltimore, I was a witness to poverty and hopelessness, which gave me the drive to succeed and be above the norm. I never understood poverty. It literally scared the shit out of me as a child. Even at five years old, I knew it wasn’t normal.  I would ask myself “People actually like to live like this? Living in a neighborhood full of abandoned homes, trash, roaches, and rats?” I grew up in the city, but we lived in a fairly decent neighborhood. Other areas of Baltimore was the true definition of Hell On Earth.  I always thought I would be shot.

       You should’ve seen my poor little face whenever we went to visit family members in the projects. I was always terrified. We would get on that pissy elevator to the 15th floor. It  shook the entire time, and the lights would blink on and off; Kind of like a haunted building. On the weekends, my mother would say, “Ok we’re going downtown to Lexington Market!” If you lived in Baltimore in the 90’s, then you knew Lexington Market was junkie central. I used to beg my mother to NOT take me with her, but she insisted anyway. I wouldn’t get off the bus. She had to literally pull me off the bus! And I cried my little heart out the entire time we were down there. I was scared every time we walked past a junkie. It was like The Walking Dead, and they were the real life zombies. It was dirty, and the smell was horrific.  


I always told myself, “I’m going to live better than this!”

           Ever since I were a child, I’ve always started little businesses. My two brothers,  and I would sit around and come up with ideas to make money in the neighborhood. We always wanted things. We usually had the popular shoes and clothes growing up, but we wanted every cool pair of shoes released. It was four of us, so we couldn’t get every pair. I love fashion, so I always wanted to see my brothers in the new sneakers. We shoveled snow, washed cars, sold designer clothes, cut grass, sold food, you name it!! But we never achieved the amount we needed, so we usually brought pizza, subs, and candy with the money.


I knew working for someone wasn’t for me when I received my very first job at age sixteen. Most young people are usually happy to start their very first job, and receive a check. Well, not me. I absolutely hated it! My parents made me work because they brought my first car, and I had to make money for the upkeep/gas. I wanted to quit the first couple of hours working there. My first job was at a nursing home facility, so the smell always made me nauseous. Walking into an environment I did not want to be in, literally pissed me off. My co-workers actually saw the unhappiness in my face;  I had an attitude. I could never get along with my managers.  I didn’t like that type of authority over me.

“After you scrape the toilet tissue off the walls,  NEXT I want you to uhhh get the oil off here!” (Seem like managers make up tasks for no reason).

I want you to do this, and I want you to do that!

      My work performance was always excellent at every job. The problem is, when I worked at these establishments, I tried to run it like I was the manager. It’s funny because at work, the usual customers never came to the manager for a complaint, they asked for me. People actually called me “Boss”, and to this day, I still see some of my old coworkers and they’d be like “Boss!”

        I’ve worked so many jobs. I either was fired from a job for being late, walked off in the middle of the shift, or did a no call no show and never came back. I felt so ashamed after quitting sometimes, that I would lie to my family and tell them I was fired. Even Though I felt this sense of guilt after quitting various jobs, I felt FREE every time I quit. It motivated me to go to the library or Barnes and Noble and work on my goals even harder. The longest I‘ve worked a job was two years. My first job, I was actually getting a scholarship in a few weeks, but was fired before receiving it.

  I once worked at this hotel, and would hide myself in the hotel rooms and write out my goals. I literally have hundreds of sticky pad notes with goals written down on them. I eventually was fired from that job also. I always seemed to be late because I never had the motivation to go. Right before I’d leave the house for work, depression would kick in, and I’d be like, “This is messed up! Is this what life is all about? Doing something you don’t love? Clocking in everyday to make a little bit of change; But primarily fighting time?” I would cry sometimes because I didn’t understand.  What’s the purpose of living if you’re not living within your passion?

Imagine a world where we all lived within our passion and didn’t have to worry about money?

         I must admit, I had my stubborn ways when it came to working a 9 to 5, and I suffered because of it. At times I would have money, and other times, I’d be piss broke. I was always on the move to make money, even if I had to do some unethical things. Anything to keep from working a 9 to 5. I provided sedan services for hundreds of people in Baltimore. I sold EVERYTHING on craigslist! Rugs, cats, food platter sets, toys, cars, xboxes, wii systems, computers, jewelry, furniture, you name it.  When I moved into my apartment, people were coming to buy things like everyday. I eventually reached a point where my funds became very low. I was unable to pay my half of the rent, so I sold everything I had in my apartment. Even my living room set. I found a roommate off craigslist and gave up my room. I did any and everything I had to do to keep the rent paid. My best friend would come home from work and be like, “Where the hell are the dishes? You sold them didn’t you?”

          My friends always had some money scheme going on, and I was with it. Everything was an opportunity for me to keep my head above water. It got to the point where I had my brothers selling drugs for me. Anytime I receive a lump sum of money, I’m always looking to invest it. My father unexpectedly gave me $1700 one day, and I felt like investing in drugs was the best move for me at that particular time. What a dumb decision. My brothers messed my money up big time. It was so funny because every time we did check ins, I would pull out my “drug financial book”, do the math and just shake my head.

SN: I look back at my life, and try to find the humor in everything. People call it, “Laughing to keep from crying.”

I would ask my brother, “Why are you short?” He said, “I gave the guy down the street a few grams for free because he just had a baby.” I said, “So you mean to tell me, you’re giving away free weed in celebration of babies??? …….Men don’t have babies!”  

I said, “You do that when you get your own pack! Not with mines!”

Two weeks Later…..

“Why are you short?” He said, “Well, I smoked half of it.”

(I just looked at him and shook my head)

I had to fire my own brother lol

That whole situation opened my eyes a lot. I knew which brother I could trust, and which one I couldn’t. Besides that, the whole drug game isn’t worth it. You become so paranoid. It’s like a cat and mouse game with these cops. Seeing my brothers arrested because they were selling for me, made me feel bad. I couldn’t have that on my conscience.

    One day me and my brothers were driving from the store. A car full of undercover cops in three different cars cut us off in the middle of a busy intersection. It was like a scene from a movie. They all had their guns out, pointed towards us, directing us to get out the car. We didn’t have anything on us at the time, but we were always a target.

     I knew deep down inside, this way of living wasn’t me. I was raised better than this. I really wanted to start my own business…..

   Over the years my grandmother has been on my case about getting a J-O-B!! She would constantly say, “You need capital to start a business! I paid for your college education and you made the decision to drop out!” And I did make that decision to drop out. I was only attending college to make my grandmother happy. She always wanted me to go to college ever since I were a little girl. Both my grandmother and aunt are college graduates, and I just wanted to continue the legacy. I changed my major up so much! Somehow before I finally called college quits after 8 years, yes 8 years! (I could’ve been a lawyer or doctor!)  My major went from Journalism, to a social worker, to a IT Tech, to Business Management, to Graphic Design, to Art, then Exercise Science. When I entered college, I would go one semester, then skip the next few semesters. This was an ongoing thing. I could never get past the prerequisites, which I absolutely hated.  I couldn’t take it anymore! I was ready to jump straight into my major.

 My grandmother always say, “Finish something! You never finish anything!”

She once said, “By the time you graduate from high school, you should know what you want to do in life!”

This is NOT true at all. Everyone don’t run on the same timeline. Some people know what they want to do in life from the time they’re born, but when most people graduate from high school, that’s when life begins. You are TRYING to figure out your purpose in life, through experimentation. You may try college, and choose a major, but you TRULY don’t know your purpose until you’ve experienced different kinds of things.

It took me from August 2001 (first year of college) to 2012 to finally say “Ok, I’ve experienced many things. I know what I want to do now, I know how to do it, I’ve developed a solid plan, and I’m taking action by DOING IT!”

        I have started quite a few businesses. From an errand service business, to a commercial cleaning business, a sedan business, and a parking lot cleaning business. These businesses forced me to come out of my comfort zone. I had to go out there and put in the footwork. My persistence and fear of rejection was greatly tested. I failed so many times, but still managed to have success with a few. The first couple of years, I knew some weren’t for me.

Why keep going if you’re not passionate about it?

I eventually burned out from each and every business. My marketing budget dried up, and I never fully legalized my businesses.

My grandmother said, “Yea you’re making good money with the airport business, but what about the legality of it? What if you get into an accident while driving with passengers?

I thought about the possibility of an accident happening many times, but I was only concerned about making money day to day. Yea, I talked to business lawyers and visited Score offices in my area, but my heart wasn’t fully in it. I would have a plan to legalize it, but I didn’t see a future with any of my business ventures.


To tell the truth, I didn’t want to work 10-12 hour days everyday. Yea, you’re not working for someone, but you’re not happy either. With service businesses, you’re running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. I hated it. I wanted freedom and happiness.

Deep down inside, I wanted to make residual income…

The past couple of years, I’ve taken out student loans and never attended one class.

My best friend would say, “You’re making it hard for other students to receive assistance.“ I said,  You’re right, but this is what I have to do. A job is out of the question. I just need the money to join this business opportunity I recently came across. Plus, I need it to help my family.”

The few times I’ve received a lump sum of money from student loans, most of it went to joining a business opportunity, and helping people. I used the money to take care of my grandmother, and my godson. My aunt took over my grandmother’s finances at the time, and as soon as she took over, it’s been hard for me to wash her clothes or provide food for her. She refuses to give me any money, so I have to come out of my pockets.

    My godson came to me one day, and said “ Tee Tee, some days I’m so hungry, I just sleep it off.” I was so upset! I already called Child Protective services on his parents before, but I made the decision to not call this time because I didn’t want to see him and his siblings in the foster care system. I knew I wasn’t in the financial position to gain custody of him, so I used my student loans and brought food over my godson’s and grandmother’s house every two weeks. After the money ran out, I had to apply for food stamps in my name to continue to provide food for them.

I refuse to see my family starve under any circumstances….

As far as the business opportunity, I joined my first network marketing business with the student loans, and eventually burned out with marketing costs. I spent like $500 the first couple of months.

Side Note: I truly believe you need a steady stream of income coming in to join a business opportunity. You can’t just join with a lump sum of money and think you’re going to provide a budget for marketing by recruiting people when first joining. It doesn’t work that way.

I’m So Tired of Failing……

        After failing from my business ventures, and burning out with the network marketing company, I found myself broke again, looking for another job. Even though I didn’t like working for people, I knew I had to do it. I needed to be responsible on a consistent basis. I needed to make a steady stream of income to join and stay alive in a network marketing company.

At times I use to wonder “Wth is wrong with me? Why can’t I just be happy working a regular job?”

      To this day, my family don’t know what I do for a living. I jump from one opportunity to the next. Why? Because I’m always burning out. But everytime I come across a new opportunity, it always seem like it’ll be better than the last opportunity; So I save up to join with the assumption that this new opportunity can finally make some money. It’s an ongoing cycle.

       Sometimes, I sit around and wonder, “When people ask my family members what I do for a living, what do they say?” They probably respond with the most general answer ever. “She’s into business.” But a lot of people have come to me and said, “Your grandmother told me you’re into real estate. Could you help me find a house?” Or “Your brother told me you’re into business. Could you help me start my business?”

My family can’t quite explain what I do, but they know how I can help people.

My mom is totally lost when it comes to my life. One Day she asked, “What’d you do for a living again?” I simply responded, “Affiliate and Network Marketing. But a little bit of Lease Options on the side.” She said, “What?!?”


I said to myself, “I have to get serious this time around! Network Marketing isn’t cutting it right now. Everything is a numbers game. I’ll apply for 100+ jobs over the summer and I should have something!”

Looking for a job became my full time job

I think I applied for every job in MD. I showed up at the manager’s offices, wrote letters, faxed managers, called everyday…no results.

One day, I actually drove to DC and showed up at the corporate office of this huge property management company. I came in and asked for the CEO. People were looking at me like I was crazy. I looked over and noticed the front desk woman on the phone, just staring at me. I think she was calling security, but I left before anything happened.

I tried to work for every health food store there was. I managed to ace every interview, and whenever I’d shop for groceries, I would stop in the manager’s office to get an update on the status of my application. It became so much of a habit, I became friends with the whole work crew. I’d walk in the store, and all you heard was

 “Hey Tee!”

 “Hey Tee!”

 “Hey Tee!”

As a result…..no results…..they would not give me a job.

Side Note: Job interviews are such bullshit. They really want you to act like you have a passion for something that no one well-adjusted cares about. And I know I put my all into trying to get a job because every place said the same exact thing, with the craziest look on their faces.

“No one has ever done this before!”

One Day, my grandmother calls me into the living room. She said, “Tiearra, your favorite song on!” I come in the living room and on the television, I see the Silhouettes “Get a Job” music video. I became so angry, I went in my room, slammed the door, and continued to finish my application for Toys R Us. All I heard was my grandmother laughing for like an hour straight.

get a job

This incident was the worst of all. I thought my job hunt was finally over. My grandmother’s best friend happens to be the hiring manager at this transportation company, and I still didn’t get the job!!! I walked in to get an update on the status of my application and she acted as if she didn’t even know me. Like she didn’t eat Christmas dinner with us a few months ago.

People would suggest places for me to work, and I’d be like, “Yea, I applied there! And I applied there too!” Manager Bob right? Wife? 2 cats, 1 dog?”

It became so bad, I eventually found myself at Wendy’s with a frosty in my hand like ”Yall gonna give a job! I been up here too many damn times! The manager promised me a job!”

I eventually left before they called the cops on me.

I was sitting in my car, eating my frosty in the parking lot of Wendy’s completely fed up….. All of a sudden……………something crazy happened.

A voice came over my spirit like, “Why are you still looking a job?” It was this sense as if God was laughing at me. Like this whole experience was a joke, and I was being punked.

It was the weirdest thing ever, but things started to make perfect sense.

Over the years, I could get a few regular jobs at first, then I could only get seasonal jobs, then I couldn’t get any jobs at all. I felt like I was eventually blocked.

When you feel like there are no more options. You did everything. You have no choice but to do your own thing.

I came home and my grandmother was like,  “How’s your job search going?”

“Not too good.” I responded.

She said,  Your mind isn’t in it, That’s why you can’t get a job.”

“Well, I’m sorry I can’t let my mind like something it doesn’t like. But, I’m trying.”

“Well try harder. Try till you die!”

“Try till I die? To get a job? No, I’m going to try until I die to live within my passion!”

I told her, “It’s insanity to apply for hundreds of jobs and not get one. I

Don’t have a choice, but to do my own thing.”

She said, “Jesus worked!” And I responded, “Yea, but Jesus didn’t work at Walmart! He loved carpentry.” I want to do what I love.

 “People can’t wait for you while you’re trying to reach your dreams Tiearra!” And she is 100% correct! But at the same time, I feel like things happen for a reason. It was meant to happen this way. Besides my best friend, My grandmother always been my biggest supporter. (Even though she never openly admits it, her actions show it).  I’m 31 years old and to this day, I’m still spoiled. I have always been spoiled. I knew I was spoiled at three years old because I always had a happy meal in my hand. This is nothing to embrace at all, but it’s the truth. I live rent free, and I only pay a few of my bills. I know my grandmother getting tired of me. Why? because she refuses to buy me another car, and the handing over of the credit card is an occasional thing now lol. When I try to give her money, she won’t take it, so I have to do other things that’ll add up to money. She always say, “I don’t want your money! I just want you to focus on becoming financially stable.”  

I rarely ask for anything. My family made the decision on their own to support me financially, and I’ve always shown my gratitude.

My grandmother sit around and tell me about her bucket list, and I want to make sure she checks off some of those things.

       The fact that my family supports me financially, I try to be a good servant and look out for others. I always felt like I was fortunate to have this kind of life, and I have the great opportunity to make my dreams come true. But it’s been hell the whole time.


 I’ve put in 10+ years of hard research, trial and error, patience and persistence. Even the times when I didn’t have a job, I never took a day off. While people were at work, I was at the library, in my car, at the lake, the park, or coffee shop.


This past easter, my room caught on fire. I didn’t give a damn about my clothes, bags, or shoes. I started thinking about my books. That’s years of research and planning that can’t be be replaced. My books are my assets. Luckily they didn’t catch on fire; Or my clothes 🙂

My grandmother is seriously stuck in the industrial age, but this is the information age.  She said,  “Your generation will have to work until they drop dead.”

I said, “Well, not me. I’m building assets.Something you should’ve done.” I went on to say, “It’s really sad that you’ve worked 40+ years to receive a pension and social security, but you’re being taxed for making too much. And now you’re working as a professor just to make up for the taxed income so you can take leisure trips and enjoy your golden years. That doesn’t make sense at all. You can’t win for losing!”

She said, “I should’ve invested, but I paid for your aunt to go to college, your cousin to go to college, and you. I made the decision to Invest in the family’s education.”

Besides that, my grandmother is so scared of taking risks. That’s the real reason why she never invested. And it’s the reason why she refuses to give me any capital for my businesses.

 She said, “Help me understand. What is the real reason why you never wanted a job?         Does it have anything to do with social anxiety, a mental thing, or what?”

(Remind you, she’s a psychologist, so I was not surprised she brought this up)

   I responded, “It has always been a mental thing. I think everyone has some type of social anxiety in certain social situations. I don’t feel comfortable in a work environment! All these years you thought I was just stubborn, and I wanted to do what I wanted to do, but it’s really deeper than that. Being stubborn was just the surface of the problem.”

    She said, “Well, I told you to seek some counseling. If your mental issue was putting a restraint on your life, then it was a problem!” I said, “But counseling is something I do not need. I have the anxiety because of the environment. It’s a place I don’t want to be in. I don’t like the authority over me, and I don’t like the fighting of time. It’s the same as someone being uncomfortable in a hospital or funeral home.” I said, “I could see if I wanted a job, then yea I would seek counseling for the anxiety. I don’t get social anxiety when I go to business meetings. It’s only in places I don’t like.”

      “Maybe she can give you the answers to your problems.” she said.

 “Meditation gives me the answers to my problems. I already know the answer. I need leverage! Can she help me start my clothing line? Can she help me release my first film?  So you’re saying she can put up the money to help me publish my first book? If the counselor can’t put up any capital, then we have nothing to talk about!”

“ I’m a free spirit. “

There is a quote from the 1994 movie, The Shawshank Redemption starring Morgan Freeman: “Some birds are not meant to be caged; their colors are just too bright.”

bird 3

I associate with so many people who have the same talents as I do! Writers, entrepreneurs, musicians, photographers! And most of them go through the same thing! Some of them have 9 to 5’s and some of them don’t, but they dread going to work everyday. It takes away from their creativity.

About three weeks ago, me and one of my business partners, Sean had our usual meeting at Barnes and Noble. I felt quite uneasy. It was a lot of emotions going through my head at the time. A couple days before, a friend asked me this question:

“How does it feel not getting a paycheck??  I responded, “It feels Good!” 

      In a way, I was highly offended. I felt as if she was asking this question just to be sarcastic. I wanted to respond, “How does it feel getting a paycheck and still not being able to take care of yourself?” BUT I didn’t.

This was heavy on my mind during our meeting. I couldn’t even concentrate.

[Me] How does it feel not working a 9 to 5 Sean?

[Sean] It feels Great!!

[Me] I feel the same way. Sean, It seems like God doesn’t want me to have a job. I’ve applied for hundreds of jobs and it never seems to work out. I go to these places day in and day out, and ace the interview. The managers and employees know my name because I visit these places sooo much!

[Sean] It’s not meant for everyone to work a 9 to 5! What we’re doing right now, This is meant. The world needs this!

(After he made that statement, I felt so much better. The things we’re trying to do, the world does need it. It’s way bigger than a 9 to 5)

I’m Bigger than A Job……..

Over the past three years, I’ve noticed that my whole circle of friends have changed. Everyone in my circle lives within their passion. As of today, I mainly associate with entrepreneurs. From photographers, to musicians, to fashion designers, painters, writers, filmmakers, and people in network marketing.

I always thought people were supposed follow their dreams. Whenever I tried to motivate my family to find their true calling, and start their own businesses,  they never seemed motivated. I found that extremely weird. So, I literally tried to beat the dreams out of them (verbally). That didn’t work. I had to come to the realization that, “It’s not meant for everyone to become entrepreneurs.” People are comfortable being yes men, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Someone has to do the job. If they’re happy doing that, then good for them. The worst is being a yes man, and you don’t want to be a yes man.

Why am I not successful yet?

It’s not because I procrastinate, It’s not because I don’t have a plan, it’s not because I’m not passionate enough…..It’s simply because I don’t have any money. I could never keep a job, and eventually I couldn’t even get a job, so it’s always been hard to keep a business going without another source of steady income coming in. I need start up capital for some businesses, and a steady stream of income from some reliable source to grow an MLM biz.

And people say, “Well, won’t you find an investor for your clothing line, your book, or your film? ” I signed up for various angel investor websites, and personally networked with a few. I even signed up for various crowdfunding sites. Investors are always looking for the same thing; A business that already has money coming in. They’re not trying to invest in a hobby. Look at Shark Tank. The number one question they ask is, “How much is the business making? Plus, I want to have full control of my company.

 What do you do when you’ve done all you can, and it’s never enough? Tell me, what do you give when you’ve given your all, and it seems like you can’t make it through? You Just Stand!

I feel like I’m stuck in this box with no doors…..I can’t get out. I’m running out of oxygen.

I’m losing motivation to do anything. Everything just seems like empty dreams.

My grandmother asked me the deepest question……….What are you going to do when I Die?

I said, “I think about that everyday, and you know what? I guess I’ll be in a homeless shelter. I already have a list of places in the area.”

She said, “You would really fall that low?”

“I feel like I’ve done everything! I really don’t have a choice!”

She just looked at me with the saddest look on her face and shook her head. I quickly walked away, trying to hold in the tears.

I slowly walked in my room, closed the door, and just broke down in the middle of the floor. The tears began to flow down my cheeks uncontrollably. All of a sudden, gospel music started playing on my computer. It was Smokie Norful (Live version) of “I Need You Now” The song hit me so hard. It was so powerful, It took my tears away. It brought strength and peace to my soul – slowly whispering, “Everything is going to be OK.”

At times, I think about the worst, and I prepare for the worst. I know my family would never allow me go to a homeless shelter, but my pride tend to take over my life sometimes. I’d rather let strangers see me fall, than my own family. I’ve always been the leader of my family, I’ve always been the encourager of the family; Trying my best to help them seek and achieve their goals. And for them to see me fall, it would just hurt me to the core. I don’t ever want them to see me in that state.

And I always wonder, what if homeless people were once like me? Someone who refused to work a 9 to 5, but they could never achieve their dreams? Now, they’re just philosophers who sleep on the streets.

Before my grandmother leaves this earth, I just want her to see me financially free. For me to be able to say” I told you it was possible.”

My 30th birthday was a disaster. I was really mad at myself for not being successful. I always told myself, “I’m going to be financially free by the time I’m 30.” But most things seem to take longer than expected. I was buried under the covers most of the day. My brothers had to come to my rescue and help me celebrate my birthday.

My grandmother was on the computer last week. She called herself doing some research for me. She said, “When you move to York PA next year, maybe you can work in Harrisburg. That’s the closest major city.”

“You still don’t get it do you? I’m not working anywhere!”

She was just looking at me with the craziest look; Like this was my first time ever making that statement. Like we haven’t been battling with this topic over the years.

(She will never think it’s possible for me to make a living without working for someone, so I’m not even going to entertain the conversation anymore.)

“Well, I’m just curious to see how the rent will get paid without you having a job. And you plan to take your godson with you? You need something dependable.”

I looked at her dead in the eyes, and said……..Just Watch

I haven’t worked in 3 years, and I will never ever apply for another job. I want to go to work…….but with my Gift.

I didn’t gain a whole lot of money in any of my businesses, but I’ve gained a great deal of insight.

Success is simply a process starting with contemplation, and ending with realization…Success is holding on to the dream until it becomes a reality.

I’ve come a long way, and I still have a long way to go. I’m still a work in progress, but I’m writing my own success story! And when I make it…

 I’ll ask kids, “You’re trying to get where I’m at?”

  • Go and apply for hundreds of jobs first.Don’t necessarily work for the money. Work to build skills.
  • Be persistent to the highest degree. If you’re trying to get a job, they should know your name when you first walk in there.
  • Start multiple businesses to see what you like. Do what I did, plus more! (It took for me to go through all of those businesses that I didn’t like, to get to what I like.)
  • I’ll ask the child, ”Do you have a written plan?  A roadmap? How do you know where you’re going with no direction? Write it down because the gps (your brain) doesn’t work all the time.
  • Spend countless hours researching and learning. Go to the bookstore, the lake, or the coffee shop.
  • Build a support system. Seek people who see your dream bigger than you do.
  • I’ll tell kids, prepare for the doubters. Most of them will be family members.
  • Never give up. Someone is out there rooting for you. They’re just undercover.
  • I’ll tell kids, you want what someone has? Are u willing to put in the work? Are u ready to fail until you win?
  • Want to pursue your passion, but don’t want to work a regular job? Reach out to people who are doing what you want to do. Learn skills and get paid.  (Do You know how many real estate companies I had to contact to get one company to say yes you can work with us. I’ve learned so much.) This whole life is a numbers game. You will get that one yes out of many no’s.

And Finally. …Don’t Complain if you haven’t walked the great wall of China. Some people complain before they even start the journey. That’s why they’re never successful.

great wall

I put young men to work, and we’re not selling drugs this time. I get them to help me expand my business. They get paid, and learn skills.

keyon 2

My brother came to me, and was like, “Tee, all these years, you tried to tell us about the importance of living within our passion. I read the animal books you gave me, but I never really took it seriously. One night I was sitting in my room, and everything you’ve ever told me just hit me out of nowhere. It was crazy.”

This past year, My brother finally started his reptile business.


(And I’m still scared of those things. I don’t touch them lol)

It’s my duty to inspire. And if people don’t see the greatness in them at the particular moment, that’s fine. As long as I’ve invested those words of encouragement into their soul, it will be with them forever.

  I encourage everyone to live within their passion…Know your great worth.

success map

Are u ready to take off? Hit pot holes, speed bumps, come to a red light..reroute. ..you’ll get there, but it’s gonna be a ride.

The Sillouettes “Get a Job”


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